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which happens to be most exchange s api update interval. If you like it, you can let me know by sending some coins to 1CA1AL9X3VfZGYftnmRbQQeR7vdTwQyvhC - and if you have any questions/suggestions, fire away. While it is not currently a widget, it does offer a range of currencies from MtGox (with Intersango and others to follow later). up votedown vote The latest version of MultiBit (v0. 10 minutes is the setting applied only on the first run. Additionally, you can correct the shown amounts by adding or subtracting any amount of BTC; for example, to include BTC amount you exchanged or spent. here s a patched version: Yes; every ten minutes bitcoin widget windows 7. Previously there was only one update interval, set to 10 minutes (since there is one block every 10 minutes so that s how often mining pools update data) bitcoin widget windows 7. I don t need exact amounts and pool keys, but I d like to reproduce your setup as closely as possible. Found this variable inside: Does that mean it updates every 10 minutes. But exchanges of course update much faster.

Bitcoin Windows gadget which displays BTC and currency amounts I did. I went in gadget settings and changed exchange update time to 10 seconds, but after a while noticed mistaken thought Sorry, I m not quite clear on this in the end; did it revert or not. 3 at time of writing) has a ticker from the XChange project. I suppose you could resize it to fit your purpose until the widget mode makes it into an upcoming milestone release.  up votedown vote The latest version of MultiBit (v0. It can also connect to preferred exchange and get USD rate, and optionally connect to Yahoo Finance. It should revert to 10 minutes only when you close the gadget completely and open a new instance (which resets all gadget settings anyway). At what point does your mining time reset, after you exit settings. here s a patched version: Thanks for the link though. Both intervals are initially set to 10 minutes, but now anybody can easily tweak them through settings, each of them separately. I ve tried reproducing this but I can t; could you please share your exact settings.

Since there is no point in hitting mining pools as often as exchanges, I created two separate update intervals for pools and for an exchange. not a miner here, just thought the exchange price was not updating, because of the mining default time. This gadget can be configured to connect to up to 3 mining pools, fetch confirmed or unconfirmed rewards, payouts or whatever data is available.ICON.
. I may PM you about an idea I have for similar gadget for a different kind of BTC conversion. Maybe that s what was causing the time to default back. I wanted to be able to see two key pieces of information, my BTC and how much it s worth, but everything I found either wasn t a Windows gadget, or had too much info, or something. If you don t need to tweak update intervals, don t worry - there s no need to upgrade, you can continue using version 1. Also, there is a built-in minimum which gets applied automatically if you enter value that is too small. Merited by Vod (2) Yes; every ten minutes. .Status.


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